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34. Watch 100 movies and write about each one (100/100) (17th July 2010)

Just a note that I have actually watched more than the ones listed below during the duration of 101/1001. These are *ONLY* movies that I’ve seen for the very first time.

  1. 26th October 2007 – El Mariachi (1992)

    • My initial thoughts when I first pressed play was “what the @#$% is this..?!” Of course I didn’t realise that somehow I had accidentally turned on the commentary haha X-DD So while nothing was really happening, all of a sudden these men started to talk in low voices about how *insert insightful descriptions* the settings were. And also, i must have accidentally, again ‘somehow’, set the audio to German so they were speaking German too instead of Spanish. X-DD Anyway, this movie was quite different to what I expected. I didn’t realise this was such an old movie, and you could really tell. Everything was kind of off-colour & not very high-quality (apparently it was a low-budget movie) but surprisingly I really got into this movie. It was slow moving at first, I admit but as the plot unraveled I found myself on the edge of my seat and at times laughing; there was a bit of humour — not a lot but not overdone either. It also helped that Carlos Gallardo had pretty eyes ^^ *refers to the bath tub scene [one of my favourites !]*. Overall, simple but very effective movie. I enjoyed it !

  2. 26th October 2007 – Desperado (1995)

    • So I just had to watch the sequel after El Mariachi, plus I had both of the movies on the one disc & I needed a break from studying. And let me tell you, how DIFFERENT it was to the first one. Barely two sentences in Spanish were put together, one of the first things that came as a surprise, and another, was that at the end of the movie, I noticed that El Mariachi’s (now all grown up and played by Antonio Banderas) friend Campa, was played by none other than the original El Mariachi — Carlos Gallardo. I found that was kind of weird and i’m not sure how to compare the two performances. They were both quite contrasting characters. The original was rather soft and sort of ‘naive’, if I may, and the other was such a brut ! In general, it was alright, I mean I’m glad to have watched it cause’ I was curious to know what was going to happen next but they’re both extremely different. In a way, it seems as if it wasn’t really a sequel at all but more like a ‘fun’ & ‘big-budgeted’ version of El Mariachi. Anyway, I just found out Once Upon A Time In Mexico, with Johnny Depp *melts ahh dear >.<* is the third part to the El Mariachi trilogy so I’ll have to watch that too sometime.
  3. 27th October 2007 – The Woodsman (2004)

    • I know, I know. Never judge a book by its cover also refers to movies and their covers. The only reason I actually even watched this movie was because after organising all the DVD’s I own (many ;-x), I started to take out the ones I hadn’t actually seen before & that I could possibly like. And on this particular DVD cover there were heaps of good reviews, plus it was a “special edition” DVD, so it was easy on the eye & appealing to me. So really, besides all the raves about it, I really had no idea what this movie was about. I hadn’t even heard of it before and didn’t realise it was so recent made ! [I consider 2004 to be recent ;-b] Boy was I in for a surprise when I found out that Kevin Bacon was starring as a pedophile ! In fact, I didn’t realise how intense the film was going to be despite the lack of words and the slow pace of the film. It didn’t have a particularly exciting plot, that doesn’t mean to say I was bored during it — I was definitely intrigued by what was happening, and I really liked it. Just like the DVD cover had tried to convince me, “Kevin Backon gives a performance that WILL BE TALKED ABOUT FOR YEARS!”. Well I’m convinced. Bacon’s performance was truly Oscar-worthy. He really made you believe in Walter and drew you into the issues that were brought up. Very powerful movie. Can’t say I understood all the imagery though. ;-x Maybe it’s one of those movies where you have to watch more than once to pick up all the things you missed the first time around.
  4. 29th October 2007 – Melinda & Melinda (2004)

    • So I’ve never seen a Woody Allen movie and I thought it was about time. First impression ? It was interesting and different. Whenever I do personal “reviews” on movies I tend to look at what’s already been said to see the reactions of others & was somewhat surprised that a lot of people didn’t particularly like this film. I mean true it wasn’t a masterpiece but I didn’t feel like it was a complete flop either. But then again, most of those who didn’t enjoy it were already hardcore Woody Allen fans. Maybe I will be one day, and maybe i’ll look back at this post & wonder why I didn’t find this film so horrible. But to be honest, I thought it was somewhat intelligent to incorporate the question of whether life is a tragedy or a comedy & I do agree that “it all depends on how you look at it“. I must agree though ; it wasn’t exactly like sliding doors — the two situations were completely different and I didn’t feel there was a strong parallel with the Melinda’s. The ‘tragic’ Melinda is a suicidal divorcee, with two children she has no access to and a secret past, who comes to entangle the marriage life of her childhood friend Laurel (Chloe Sevigny) whilst the ‘comic’ Melinda is the whacko neighbor of Hobie (Will Farrell) and his wife Susan (Amanda Peet), who reawakens both of their love life, albeit not to each other. Moreover, Melinda and Melinda is intended to be a sort of showdown between a comic and a tragic view of the world, but the comic story isn’t all that funny and the tragic story isn’t all that sad. Ultimately, it’s not a bad movie & is quite watchable and sporadically amusing.
  5. 30th October 2007 – Educating Rita (1983)

    • I think I’ve had this DVD lying around in the house for a few years now without ever being watched and I know it sounds shallow but it was because of the DVD cover itself. Don’t let the imagery fool you though — this is indeed an extremely good film. Funny, honest, moving, full of warmth & charm. Sounds cheesy but you should definitely give this one a go. It didn’t win so many awards without good reason ! Michael Caine and Julie Walters give an EXCELLENT performance in this movie. And hands down is Michael Caine the best world-weary, boozy burnout I’ve ever seen on the silverscreen ! Both are wonderful characters as is the story, with the emphasis being placed on Walters’s insistance on choosing for herself. *warning: spoiler up ahead**/end of spoiler* The dialog is crisp and sharp (though it takes a bit getting used to, especially Walters — UNLESS you put subtitles on [which I generally do cause’ I like to workout during movies X-DD]), and the whole movie is most enjoyable. Well worth a watch. It’s a credit to Willy Russell’s script that she does not fall in love with Caine at the end (that would have been an easy road to go down): the good professor’s life is changed for the better and given purpose again by Walters, but he does not win her in the end.
  6. 26th November 2007 – Stardust (2007)

    • I’m probably going to be bashed by a number of fan girls but I found this movie to be mediocre at best. I mean, I did get a few laughs, especially watching a cross-dressing Robert De Niro on screen, but it just reminded me of a movie that I might have enjoyed as a twelve year old. Stars, pirates, witches, princes; I guess I should have expected it because how many films do you know that incorporates all these characters in a manner that doesn’t leave you full of comments describing how predictable and cheesy the movie was ?! Didn’t think so. However, speaking as a completely third party objective with absolutely no personal interest in the matter [this line from She’s The Man is gold X-DD], the choice of male actors wasn’t bad, namely Charlie Cox who played Tristan Thorn and well *sort of, not really* Henry Cavill who played Humphrey. I mean Cavill usually looks good in whatever role he plays but his peroxide blonde-white hair, I must admit, looked hidious. Eh, blah. It’s a good enough way to kill time with friends & family. It has no swearing, there are funny bits and happy endings.
  7. 27th November 2007 – Ratatouille (2007)

    • It’s strange that I haven’t heard anything at all bad about this movie.. but I wonder, is it because comparatively this movie is better than all the crap out at the moment or is it because people’s standards have lowered OR alternatively, and in the more conventional sense, is it because this movie is actually GOOD ? I’m not quite sure. I felt this movie was very cute, and made rats look like the most adorable things ever [like ever Disney movie anyway: ants, plastic toys, bees etc etc] even though I squirmed when there were thousands running across the floor in some scenes, but it wasn’t FANTASTIC, the most popular word used to describe this movie. “Really” before ‘good’ was also often used. I didn’t find this movie fantastic for a number of reasons. My main one was that I found the principle character, to be intolerably annoying — you know them ; the dumb characters that do stupid things and make this huge-ass mess of things but in the end by some miracle, everything is fine & of course .. they fall in love [which to me, makes the recipient just as idiotic]. I forgot the other reasons .. suppose you’ll just have to watch it. Run along now, have fun.
  8. 27th November 2007 – Knocked Up (2007)

    • Unless you find drugs, sex and an overload of cussing, you will not like this movie at all. I have to say, I am EXTREMELY disappointed with this movie after all the good reviews I read in the newspaper. I really don’t understand how anyone could find this movie entertaining. I found it annoying and boring waiting for some sort of climax, and when it did come, I got even more annoyed. But mainly what got to me was how unbelievable this movie was (particularly the ending). And you might be saying “well, all movies are unbelievable. They’re not supposed to be like reality TV!” but you know what ? I disagree. Lord of the Rings was FICTION but the talents of Tolkien and Peter Jackson made the whole fiction genre come to life and made me believe than in an alternate universe, these things *could* happen. If you still are shaking your head, I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t be told to be more ‘open minded’ before. X-DD. Anyway, watch it if you want. It’s a buncha crap and you will be wasting two long, long, long, long hours of your life.
  9. 27th November 2007 – 300 (2006)

    • Apparently this is a guy’s movie. I noticed this at the start of the movie with the porn-like sex scene. Despite the movie stereotyped as a ‘guy’s movie’, I really liked it. The camera work, graphics, the acting and of course the BATTLE SCENES [powerful, aesthetic and elegant — a ballet of blood done so nicely X-DD]. My favorite aspect of the art direction was this profound grittiness (manifested in the dirt, bloodshed, contrast, and other details that were brought forth because of the filming technique) that almost became a character in itself, contributing to the harshness of the plot. And well, though 300 has received criticism that it wasn’t an accurate depiction of what really went down in Thermopylae in 480 B.C., those who are prepared to see it should only expect, plot-wise, a film based on a graphic novel [Frank Miller is a GENIUS] rather than historic accounts. The film’s dialog is pretty much exactly the same as it is in the graphic novel much like how most of the dialog in Robert Rodriguez’ Sin City was taken directly from Frank Miller’s graphic novel. Personally I think that 300 is the best film of it’s kind. It’s faster paced than Lord Of The Rings, more accurate than Troy, more compelling than Tristan and Isolde, and more violent than Gladiator.
  10. 4th December 2007 – Halloween (2007)

    • Where do I start with all the things that disturbed me in this movie ? And I’m not talking about ‘disturbed’ in a twisted, horror-movie context, but rather in a ‘quality’ sense. In essence, Rob Zombie used every cheap trick in the book and it plays as one boring cliché after another. Add this film to your archive of ‘lame slasher stalker movies’. I think the problem with this movie is that it’s just way too unoriginal: a boy with a messed up childhood turns into a serial killer after he snaps one day and gets sent to an asylum before breaking out and going on a killing rampage. Here’s another fun fact. Zombie cast his wife in the role of Michael’s mother, and she can’t act at all. I also thought it was funny how everyone who got naked got brutally and gorily murdered. Well, if you’re still unconvinced and want to see this sordid, depressing world of white-trash family dysfunction and pop psychology go ahead but don’t be expecting the thrill of the spectral. But if that’s what you want, stay home and watch Dr. Phil and save $9.
  11. 15th December 2007 – Disturbia (2007)

    • I usually never get scared in movies of the thriller/disturbed genre but this one really made me jump out of my seat. Well “jumping out of my seat” isn’t really the expression I’m looking for. There’s a Chinese expression but I don’t know how to insert Chinese characters here so I won’t try. It was probably all the paranoia associated with Shia LaBeouf’s character, Kale Brecht, and how he kept spying through his binoculars only to look up and get a quick glimpse of the murderer of red heads [random much ? What a coincidence he chooses to kill a nearly extinct species of humans] looking back at him through his window. I found that to be highly unrealistic but what am I talking about here ? These sorts of movies are never realistic. Except for the part where Kale falls madly in lust with his new next door neighbour, Ashley, without even so much as a “hello, I’m Kale and I think with my penis.” X-DD I’m being crude, but you know it’s true. And lastly, this movie is extremely disturbing. I’ve seen worse but nonetheless it is. Don’t let your children watch it.
    • PS. Aaron Yoo is HAWWTT. So cute. Funny. I really thought he was dead.
  12. 31st December 2007 – Enchanted (2007)

    • I made fun of someone who paid to watch this movie so I suppose I deserved to be laughed at for paying to see it myself. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I thought it would be cheesy [cheesy .. well yes it is], predictable [oh-so predictable], and lovey-dovey laa-ddeeee-daaa [goodness yes]. But somehow that was *alright*, just this once. Perhaps because it was 42 degrees [or 105F] and I just desperately wanted to escape the extreme heat, or perhaps it’s because I realised that that’s what it was trying to be. And there were many amusing bits in it. The singing, the animation, the costumes, the lines. It’s ideal for children and couples who like to believe they are in love.
  13. 1st January 2008 – National Treasure : Book Of Secrets (2007)

    • To be honest I didn’t really want to see this film and didn’t plan to. It was just that it was a 40 degree day or so & I wanted air-con since we live primitively as my dad doesn’t believe in air condition =.=” It felt quite long .. perhaps because it was so mediocre. Though I shouldn’t be so surprised since the first one was as well. Well apparently the first one was “crap” and the second is supposed to be “good” but as I’ve seen them both, I can credibly say that it’s the same old goose-chasing, law-breaking, history-buffing film with basically the same actors, different bad guy of course. Eh, it’s getting old and hopefully there won’t be a third. It would be a terrible waste of money.
  14. 5th January 2008 – I Am Legend (2007)

    • Interesting movie – interesting concept. From the ads that were on television I didn’t really know what to expect in the first place since it was very vague & so finding out that zombies, or humans that became psycho-cannibalistic, had a very large role in the plot was surprising, in the least. Not sure if it was a pleasant surprise or not. I think this movie *could* have been better. It just required a lot more back-plot and character development because we don’t get a lot of explanation and detail; just a vague outline similar to its ad. I can say I thought the canine actor, Abby — who played Sam [Samantha] was very good ! I don’t know .. I’ve always been in awe of such intelligence in canines. But I thought it was a terrible pity what happened to her in the end .. find out for yourself perhaps. Maybe I’ll read the book, who knows ? I heard it was good. Very interesting movie indeed. Too bad it was cut short in so many aspects.
  15. 10th January 2008 – American Gangster (2007)

    • Very good movie. Only heard about it from a work mate and decided to see it that night since it was too hot to do anything else. Worth watching, but requires a lot of concentration. It’s probably not the type of movie for those who prefer light romantic/comedies such as 27 Dresses like my mum. I think she found it interesting because she didn’t exactly keep her personal opinions to herself during the movie. Especially when she saw a junkie injecting drugs into their veins and naked people. And considering I was sitting in between my parents it was particularly awkward when there were sex scenes & naked people. Maybe not so much with the naked people but with the grunting and .. yeah etc. One of Russel Crowe’s & Denzel Washington’s better performances. But overall, very good movie [suggest synonyms ?] — raw, and real — based on a true story.
  16. 11th January 2008 – War and Peace (1956)

    • I like old movies, I don’t know why. They’re just different to the ones you see in the cinemas today. Not as predictable maybe. It’s arguable. Anyway, I’ve heard a lot about the book by Leo Tolstoy. Not so much about the movie. So when I was going through all the DVD’s we had [half of which I haven’t watched >.<] I put this one aside for a rainy day. And though it wasn’t a rainy day I did have three hours to burn so I watched it. Not bad, interesting plot indeed with the history of the Napoleon Bonaparte and his French troops conquering Europe and Russia. The things I didn’t like about this movie ? Basically Audrey Hepburn’s script and all the romantic nonsense between her and the three different men who fall completely head over heels in love with her character — Natasha Rostov. I don’t understand. She IS gorgeous but her personality is so .. cringing. There are a lot of situations and endings that I don’t understand with the relationships too. Like HOW could Nikolay Rostov end up with the snobby Princess Marya instead of Sonya ? Stupid men. But I suppose the movie wouldn’t be the same without it. It would just be fighting and war. However this movie has inspired me to read the novel. I’m sure it’s much better than the film as in most cases. Interesting indeed.
  17. 12th January 2008 – 27 Dresses (2008)

    • Considering my expectations of movies in the genre of comedy / romances are defaulted to “going to be REALLY REALLY bad, cheesy & mediocre“, this one wasn’t so bad. Maybe it’s because I was too busy drooling over James Marsden *ahem* uhh.. well, he was pretty good in the movie. One scene that did stand out for me was the one where they were in a bar drenched from the pouring rain outside & they started singing a duet. Katherine Heigl & James Marsden totally ruined Benny & The Jets for me but well, it was funny. Stupid drunks. But don’t worry, I haven’t gone to the dark side — I still think that 27 Dresses IS kinda cute but ridiculously clichéd. Particularly when Jane [played by Heigl] realises she loves Kevin [played by Marsden] and follows him onto a boat super-hero style and publicly declares her love. So pointless. He wasn’t leaving the country.. she could have just met him for dinner and talked with him but I suppose we were nearing 107 minutes and all the directors & cast people wanted to go home [and don’t forget the non-chick flick audience too]. This over-the-top scene ruined any chance I had of any cinematic believability. The ending could have been way better.
  18. 16th January 2008 – Paris, Je t’Aime (2006)

    • I’ve been wanting to watch this movie for sometime & was finally forced to in the company of my cousins. Honestly, I didn’t really know what to expect from this movie. Whether it would be strange, like every other European or French movie or whether it would be somewhat influenced by western culture. It was hard to tell with such a large cast list and the number of directors that were involved in this “experiment” of a movie. What we did get though was eighteen different, short-ish scenarios which had something to do with love, or the particular director’s angle on it. I’d have to say, it was quite like Love Actually except A LOT quirkier except you definitely don’t get to play favourites. The story of the mimes, the blind boy & the actress [played by Natalie Portman] and the Tuileries episode were highly amusing and just brilliant, where else there were some that were completely incomprehensible — the Chinese one ;-x [if you watch this & figure it out, give a shout] and for the other bad bits, you just sat them through; ca vaut la peine, they were only very short. Ashamedly, I admit, I also watched this for the fact that Gaspard Ulliel was in it. Except I found his monologue to be totally disappointing and just .. ergh. Weird ?! It was just too unbelievable to say those things he said [don’t understand ? Watch it !]. On the whole, this film is worth watching for the good scenarios and ties in pretty well so you get an understanding of a few things — reference to Elijah Wood’s farcical role as a vampire X-DD.
  19. 17th January 2008 – Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

    • 200px-KungFuHustleHKposterPeople say this movie is stupid. Though people may be right, it does make one hell of an entertaining movie. It’s got this light, comical supernaturalistic martial arts theme tied in with an interesting plot, hilarious, multi-dimensional characters, as well as funny, colloquial dialogue (all in Cantonese). In fact, I think that’s why Cantonese movies can be so good as comedies because the language itself is very comical — in terms of tones (sometimes non-speakers confuse an everyday conversation in Canto for an argument ! X-D), onomatopoeias (ie. “chom chom chom” = the sound you make when you eat) etc ! Stephen Chow is also as good an actor as he is a director, in my opinion. Chow is known for telling not necessarily the stories of  super heroes but of ordinary people, particularly those people leading insignificant and unsuccessful lives. One of those Asian movies you gotta see see if you call yourself Asian at all !
  20. 18th January 2008 – Juno (2008)

    • 200px-Junoposter2007Brilliant, witty movie with lots of memorable lines and one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in years. Seriously, who doesn’t own it ? I was even contemplating of getting it on vinyl to pass onto my children X-D ! And its no surprise either that sales in hamburger phones have suddenly spiked since everyone’s rushing out to buy one (you can buy it at Fredflare or Urban Outfitters) and constantly quoting Juno on their twitters. I can definitely see it being referred to as a cult movie years from now. Also, props to Ellen Page and Michael Cera for being such cuties. j f;aklsjdf ;alskdjf ;alskdjf ;alskdjf as;lkdjf a;sldkfj as;kldfj a;dslfkj as;dlfkj as;dlfkj; a;sldkfj a;sldfk;j a;sdlf;sdlfkj asldkfj as;ldkfj as;ldkfj as;dklfjas;ldfkj as;l dfk;jas;dfkl
  21. 24th January 2008 – Valentine (2001)

    • Slasher stalker movies are *always* bad, but this one really is. Terrible script, shallow characters who call each other ‘friends’ but then leave them out alone to die, and inconsistencies with the plot sums it all up. Also did I mention twisted ? It was. The plot: A nerdy young boy is teased and pranked by a couple of his classmates at the beginning of the film. Then the film moves years later when those classmates are all grown up, then they’re picked off one-by-one. The killer is presumed to be the young boy now all grown up looking for revenge. But is it him? Or could it be somebody else? “Valentine” has an attractive cast which includes Denise Richards, David Boreanaz, Marley Shelton, Jessica Capshaw, and Katherine Heigl. Except, I don’t think it’s fair to put Katherine Heigl on the cover of the DVD if she dies within the first 5 minutes of the movie.
      PS. Even though there are still so many movies with killer in masks [Halloween, Scream etc] I’d have to say they are official OVER. *yawns*

      PPS. Mum only bought this cause’ she knows David Boreanaz is yummy [from Buffy & Angel & BONES <333333]

  22. 24th January 2008 – Marie Antoinette (2006)

    • marieantoinetteThe movie is too long & boring for my taste. Not to say that Sofia Coppola movies are bad (film elitists as well as LV seem to love her), they’re just overly stylistic. The only thing that was keeping me awake would probably have been The Strokes playing in the background and  the wonderful costuming. My sister tells me Prada had something to do with it. The masquerade ball scene, for example, is a feast for the eyes and surprisingly, the drawn on mask in charcoal works. I would advise not to try this at home though ! Unfortunately, I as well as TANYA have tried this look .. in public >.< *the shame* asdf lakj sdfl;aksj dfl;aksj df;laksj dfl;kaj sd;fkljas dfk jasl;df a;skldfj ;alskdfj ;alskdfj l;aksjf; alskdjflasdkfasdf asdfasdfa sdf

  23. 25th January 2008 – Gone With The Wind (1939)

    • 215px-Gonewiththewind1No wonder I thought the ending was abrupt. After doing some research, I found out that the duration of this movie should be roughly 3 hours. However, my DVD only churned out 2 ! What a disappointment. Hopefully I will be able to watch the whole 3 hours in future so for now I have a somewhat incomplete review of the movie. Firstly, let me say that I love old movies. They just don’t make them like they used to. There’s a lot of charm to movies like these despite the happy-go-lucky dialogues and somewhat cliché characters but somehow we overlook all that — maybe because of the times they were made and how different movies are today. Secondly, I really dislike that Scarlett characters played by Vivien Leigh, though it was probably the author’s intent to make her unlikeable and provoke the reader with her annoying personality. But take comfort in the fact that it leads her to her own demise. YAY !
  24. 28th January 2008 – Big Bounce (2004)

    • It’s one of those unfunny, poorly made movies with a ridiculous story that leaves you wondering — what was the POINT of THAT ?! The cast wasn’t entirely bad though but their talents were wasted. Cast included Morgan Freeman, Gary Sinise, Owen Wilson, Bebe Neuwirth and Charlie Sheen. Notice I excluded Sara Foster ? [who played Nancy Haynes] Considering there were a dozen better actors constantly on-hand, the camera followed her FAR too much ! Her time should have been cut with this cast. I think the biggest problem with this film is that nothing much happens in it for over half of its length, and when something does happen, it is so poorly constructed that it’s not very clear what’s going on and everything falls flat. I don’t think I got anything out from watching this crap [people keep mentionning the scenary at this point as if a pity remark but scenes shot at a beach isn’t original — should we be fishing for compliments here?!], and I don’t think Elmore Leonard [the author of the book] did either. Terribly marketed. The Big Bounce is just a very unnecessary movie.
  25. 31st January 2008 – The Jane Austen Book Club (2007)

    • I like movies with spaceships, preferably exploding at some point. Also shooting, sword fighting and violent death. Oh, and car chases. And if I can’t have the above, then can there at least be some explicit sex please? And yet I loved this movie.” — David Beukes.

      This is similar to how I felt about this movie. No, I didn’t “love” this movie but I mean, if shortly after, I started a book club — this movie must have had some sort of positive impact on me, correct ? It was probably the presence of Hugh Dancy. *Drools*”I gladly relinquish one of my Man cards for saying that. I’m off to watch something with guns in to compensate, though.” asldfkj asdlfkj asdkigneisn iengisnd  ienaskdf a;lkdfj asdl;fkj asd;flkj asl;dkfj asl;kdfj a;slkdfj a;slkdfj ;alskfj a;sldkfj as;dfklj a;lskdfj a;slkdfj al;skdfj
  26. 8th February 2008 – Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

    • Tim Burton never fails to amaze me, despite the critisism in his direction [he doesn’t appeal to the Academy’s personal taste]. From the moment he says “lights, camera, action!” we are all captivated on the silver screen, particularly in this movie. What stunning visuals and powerful music, and the story itself is poetically potent, unforgettable and seductive. Of course, it would not have the same effect without the electric performances of Johnny Depp and Helem Bonham Carter. Surprisingly I much prefered their singing than that of, singer turned actor, Jamie Campbell Bower who’s performance I found completely amateur and annoying. Overall, this film is dazzlingly disturbing. Probably because of Todd’s complacency when he slits his victims throat. The audience doesn’t get much preparation compared to in your typical horror film where there is usually a general build up of music. I want to see it again. And again. It’s a brutal and shattering masterpiece, and in my personal opinion — Burton’s best movie yet !
  27. 13th February 2008: Batoru Rowaiaru (2000)

    • 200px-Battle_royale_pochetteThough different to the book by Koushun Takami (it’s on the 1001 Books You Should Read Before You Die list), I still found the movie to be highly entertaining & disturbing — just like the book. For those of you who are unaware of the plot, let me give you the lowdown. Basically this book-turned-movie is considered to be the Japanese version of Lord of the Flies as a class of ninth graders are chosen every year by random to be sent to an island to kill each other off. The Japanese government calls it ‘research’ but it’s more of a sadistic, twisted betting game. Anyway, there are a heap of rules which make it impossible to escape. Nonetheless, some of the students try to do so in a peaceful manner. But will they succeed ??! To find out, watch it !
  28. 14th February 2008: Hannibal Rising (2007)

    • So as to justify my love for Gaspard Ulliel I thought I should watch more movies of him actually *in* it playing a main role since I’ve seen so many delicious pictures of him even before I really knew what sort of an actor he was. However, after this performance, I’m not really sure what to say, if I can be partial to making any comments since most of the time I was in awe of him; those distinct blue eyes, the porcelain-like complexion and that bone structure ! Oh, and also his interesting European-English accent. Really fascinating and not at all expected. The only comment I can make that’s in any way related to the movie is how unbelievable it is to get my head around the fact that Gaspard Ulliel would eventually turned into [with no disrespect to his talent] a not-so-attractive, old Anthony Hopkins ! X-D.
  29. 17th February 2008 : Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006)

    • 200px-Perfume_posterSurprisingly the movie stayed very close to the novel, making it very enjoyable to see it come alive. I thought that the actors were well casted and that it was cleverly directed. I actually watched this awhile after reading the book so the ending took me quite by surprise. *warning: spoiler up ahead* ORGY SCENE. Wow. How did they get all those people/extras naked and all touchy-feely like that ?! I’ve been looking at some forums to see what others thought of it and words such as ‘laughable’ & ‘smutty’ came up. I definitely do agree with the person who said: “Perfume was one of the most wonderfully odd films I have seen in years. The orgy scene is just the crazy icing on the eccentric cake for me.” */end of spoiler* NB: I also think it’s funny how only red headed virgins are the targets — what a twist on the whole finale girl concept !
  30. 18th February 2008 : Deja Vu (2006)

    • 200px-DejaVuBigPosterAm I an idiot or what ? Throughout the whole movie I thought Paula Patton was Halle Berry >.< It was only after looking it up on imdb that I realised I had made a terrible mistake. No matter, it was an interesting movie. Action, time travel and all with Denzel Washington. Not bad. I was curious as to knowing how it would all play out despite the somewhat unoriginal plot. Though I must say, the whole time travel concept confuses me. For example, in the present you come home from work and listen to a message on your answering machine with your own voice telling you to do certain things to avoid certain situations. This THEN leads you into another situation where you find yourself in a time machine sending you back into the past to correct mistakes that WOULD lead you and thousands of others to their death. Wouldn’t this all NOT have come about if you HAD NOT  heard that message on the answering machine ? Wasn’t THAT what lead up to this whole scenario ?! Confusing (and if you can get your head around it, please explain :-D)
  31. 1st March 2008 : Hostel (2005)

    • 200px-Hostel_PosterOne of my favourite slasher gore gore movies ! So convincing that I will never step foot in Slovakia for fear of being kidnapped, bought, and hunted just like the unfortunate souls in this kick-ass horror flick. I know that many of you will not watch this despite how much praise I give it because this is definitely not for the squeamish, so I will not attempt to convince you to watch it, just like I could never be convinced to watch Twilight (slow, PAINFUL death). Anyway, I don’t understand why people are so uppity about  this genre. Bottom line is that it’s entertaining. I also don’t understand how anyone could call tihs the worst movie they’ve ever seen ! Please. either they do not have good judgement or they have not seen many movies. It’s likely both. Seriously, I could name at least 10 actual WORST movies which would include the recent Dragonball Evolution.
  32. 1st March 2008 : Hostel Part II (2007)

    • 200px-Hostelpart2finalposterHostel definitely receives less credit than it deserves. Seriously, if you didn’t enjoy the first one, why watch the second with a cliché “oh, I’ll give Eli Roth a second chance to redeem himself” attitude and then whine about it ? These kinds of people make as little sense as their criticism. Anyway, let’s stay on topic. I actually enjoyed the sequel a whole lot more than the first, especially particular scenes. Notably the one where a guy gets his balls cut off (don’t worry, he deserved it) ! The photography, editing, and set design continue to enhance the audience’s experience and overall is an impressive movie in its genre, though not very appreciated ! asdlfj al;sdfkj a;lskfdj al;skdjf; kas;djf laksjdf ;laksjd f;laksjdf;lkajs;ldfkj a;sldfj;askljdf ;laksj df;lk jas;dlfjk;asldjkf;lk
  33. 15th March 2008 : The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)

    • 200px-Other_boleyn_girl_postAn okay movie. I have watched a lot of King Henry on silver screen so I must say this gave me a whole different perspective on this particular period in history (however inaccurate), however, like my opening sentence — it was mediocre. The combination of Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Eric Bana was intriguing but I felt that they lacked chemistry. I also cannot help but keep in mind what other reviewers have said about this film. Watching it, you are aware of the ambition and lavish costumes that would draw the gaze of Oscar. But the film lacks punch, depth & the power to grip you the whole way through. asdfkj asdl;fj a;lskdfj ;laks jdf ;laksdf ; lkasj d;flkajs;ldk  fj ;alskdjfkajsd;flkja; slkdfj;lkajsdf;lkja;sld fjk
  34. 15th March 2008 : American Psycho (2000)

    • 200px-AmericanpsychoposterIt’s fascinating how anyone managed to translate a novel such as this into a film, and do so quite successfully. I think after reading the book and being quite confused, the film managed to clear quite a few things up for me (particularly the twist at the end), but I won’t get into the specifics and ruin your Bateman-go-loco experience. From memory, I recall that the movie wasn’t near as pornographic and violent as the book but it still retained shock value. Also, one particular scene I really enjoyed, was watching Christian Bale (<333333, one of the most versatile actors EVER !), who I found perfect for the role, rocking out to Genesis (or was it New Order ?) with a chainsaw X-D. asdflk jas;dlfkj aslk;dfj a;slkdfj ;alskjf asdfj ;alsdkfj ;alskjdf ;klasj df;ljkasd;fklja;slkfj
  35. 16th March 2008 : Molière (2007)

    • I saw this at the French film festival & am definitely going to go back next year for more more more. This movie was HANDS-DOWN-HILARIOUS. Probably one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen in my life, despite inaccuracy [I’m not a historian & I don’t really care X-D I just want to be entertained !]. I actually saw the DVD in Borders the other day for $40 and even at that overpriced cost I contemplated getting it because I am *so* dying to see it again. Well, I didn’t end up actually getting it but I definitely recommend this to comedy lovers and historians. Romain Duris is impressive in it too. No Gaspard Ulliel but nontheless, parfait for the role. a
  36. 25th March 2008 : Battle Royale II: Requiem (2003)

    • SO BAD. Unbelievably bad, to be more specific. Unfortunately what this movie does is cheapens the original. The plot is completely stupid, unconvincing [with the return of Shuya Nanahara as the leader of a terrorist group who are all against adults .. here’s a question: what will they do when they themselves become adults X-DD ?! This concern is momentarily brought up in the movie actually but like most of the issues brought up, it’s unanswered] wishy-washy and confusing, the script is shoddy and the acting is pretty bad, leaving the audience feeling deja vu whenever one of the characters made a constipated face at the camera. >.< More annoying points ? The length of this movie [they dragged it out for 2 hours -.- zzzz], the overuse of characters dying halfway through their supposedly meaningful sentences about life and how they were so glad to have good friends etc etc [A LOT of recycling done here], and just how none of it matches up to the first movie in the form of contradictions — does Shuya seriously think he’s honouring the death of Shogo [one of the principal characters in the first movie] by waging war against adults & killing all these innocent people ? Also, would Shiori Kitano join forces with Shuya even after he killed her father ? I think not .. but apparently we’re expected to think this is possible. Just really really TERRIBLE >.< Don’t watch it. I wish I hadn’t.
  37. 2nd May 2008 : Made Of Honor (2008)

    • 200px-Made_of_honorI keep confusing this movie with The Bestman (1999) (I actually forgot to add that movie to this list) which was a horrible, HORRIBLE movie. Easily the WORST MOVIE I have ever seen in my life and I mean it. It was just a combination of all possible clichés wrapped up in a film that someone *amazingly* felt the public culd actually stomach !! DON’T WATCH IT. Now back to reviewing THIS movie X-D. Made of Honor is one of those disappointing, predictable movies you see only because you find the leading actor (Patrick Dempsey) hot (not me though !! ;-b) or in my case, because of the company who you haven’t seen in months. I found it minimallly bearable. asldkfj l;aksjdf al;ksdjf al;skdfj akl;sdfj a;klsdfj alskdfj akl;sdf jal;skfj ;aklsdfj ;askdfj ;askdjf al;ksjdf ;laskdj f;laksjdflkjas df;kl
  38. 4th May 2008 : Death at a Funeral (2007)

    • 200px-Death_at_a_funeralHonestly, I can’t remember much about this movie plot-wise (the only down side of being lazy & waiting a year to write these reviews) except that I could NOT STOP LAUGHING ! Great cast too ! Especially Alan Tudyk who I’ve loved since his character as Wash in Firefly <333333. So uh .. all I can recommend is for you to watch it and for me to re-watch it. After all, I can’t be very convincing without the details. Well, it did win two awards at the Locarno International Film Festival & US Comedy Arts Festival. Need I say more ? asldfkj asl;fj aslkdfj as;klfja;slkdfj al;skjdf ;alksjdf ;laksjd f;lkjas; dlfkja;slkdfj;alskdfj al;skdfj ;laksjdf;laksjdf;laksjdflkj;flkasjdf;lk askf as;ldkfj ;alsdkfjl kas
  39. 17th May 2008 : Dracula (1992)

    • 215px-DracposIs it just me or is Dracula, in pretty much every movie, one hell of a perverted creep ? That’s probably meant to be one key defining characteristic that Francis Ford Coppola effectively highlighted through many hallucination and orgy scenes. A lot of famous celebrities featured in this particular Dracula film too including Winona Ryder, Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins and an infamous performance from Keanu Reeves. Wow Reeves, you really fell though in this role >.<. It was really quite cringing. All in all, a disturbing, strange movie I probably will never watch again for a long time ! asdlk;fj asl;dkfj a;klsdjf l;aksjd flk;ajs; dlfkj al;ksdfj lak;sjd fkj ienf lkd yas fienksa di nidngis easdf asdfkj asdl;fjk ieaj;sdklfj a;lsidfjkgnei sedignsdkd fla asdf adf
  40. 14th June 2008 : Sex and the City (2008)

    • 200px-Sex_and_the_City_The_MovieBefore watching this movie, I had only seen two or three episodes of the TV series so I can’t really compare it to its roots. However, I have heard many fans comment on how it didn’t meet its usual standards. After all, the movie was made for fans and non-fans alike on a commercial level. I didn’t find it a particularly great film but I did enjoy ogling at all the lovely designer pieces put together as well as all the shoes ! I also loved the NYC setting, but besides the aesthetic elements, I can’t say much else in this film stood out for me. Just another brainless chick flick. asdlf;kj asdlfk;j as;kldfj al;ksjdf l;aksjd fkl;ajsdklfj asl;kdfj oksjf;lkasjdfl; kjas;ldfkj asklfj alskdjf aslkdfj al;ksjdfl;kajsfk;jasl;dfj;laskdjf;laksjdfl;k jasl;dkfj ;lasjkf
  41. 18th June 2008 : The Breakfast Club (1984)

    • 200px-The_Breakfast_ClubA quintessential 80’s movie ! Simple plot but thoroughly interesting and complex characters and dialogue. I think what makes this such a great movie is the insight and development we see from each character as their lives unfold within those few hours they spend together in detention. Moreover, we can probably identify with some of them or aspects of their personality. Personally, my favourite was Allison Reynolds played by Ally Sheedy, the eccentric, odd one who used her dandruff as sprinklings of snow on her drawing. I also loved Judd Nelson’s character as the flamboyant, crazy, in-your-face John Bender. Such chemistry ! asdflk ajs;dklfj ;aklsdj f;klj ;ailsneifna;klsdfj ;laksjei nfgl;aisdjf ;aklsjdf ;laksjdf a isdfjas;ldi fj asldfkj al;sidfj al;sdkf   asdf asdfasfd
  42. 28th June 2008 : Get Smart (2008)

    • 200px-Getsmart08Don’t listen to those elitist reviewers who have lost touch with reality. This movie is GOOD. It’s hilarious and refreshing from the typical stupid comedies you see these days. Maybe because it’s got heaps of entertaining action and a good cast compared to the ones full of unknown actors who spew on their lines unconvincingly. Plus it’s a parody of James Bond. Props for that. Overall, an entertaining action/comedy with an awesome car chasing scene, great chemistry between Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) and Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway)’s characters, and a fresh adaptation to the original – which I cherished as a child ! asdl;fk jasd;klfj al;skj f;laksj fl;kajsl;dkfj ;alskjdf; laksjd fl;kjasl;kfj;alskdfj;lkasjdfl;kasjdflkajs;ldfjk;aslkdjf; laksjdfl;kja;slkdfj;laksd
  43. 29th June 2008 : Pan’s Labyrinth / El Laberinto del Fauno (2006)

    • I loved this movie ! We’ve had it on DVD for awhile but I think we (my sister & I = big foreign film fans !) put off watching it for awhile because we confused it for the kid’s movie Bridge to Terabithia. This is DEFINITELY not a child’s movie cause’ it’s got quite strong violence in the form of bashing people’s faces  in so they’re unrecognisable, stabby-rip-stab-stab action and grenades falling everywhere out of the sky. It’s set during the Spanish Civil War so I suppose it isn’t a big surprise that there’s violence but there are times when the violence is pretty so it can be pretty disguisting to watch. I’ve found that a pillow comes in handy when watching those particular scenes or the person sitting next to you as a substitute ! I also really liked how the war drama and the fairy tale stemmed so naturally from each other. It reminded me of Alice and Wonderland but much more intense. Overall I found this movie to be really touching & saddening in a way but it’s tied up very beautiful imho.
  44. 19th July 2008 : Blackmail Is My Life / Kyokatsu koso Waga Jinsei (1968)

    • 200px-Blackmail_dvdWeirdest movie EVER. Same director from Battle Royale [my mum bought a bunch of his other earlier movies] so thought i’d give it a try + lately i’ve been into old/black & white movies. This was SO STRANGE. I can’t even begin to explain why without revealing too much of the plotless movie. *warning: spoiler up ahead* The ending was totally not believable ! How can people not notice a guy being shot in the middle of the street ?! Am I missing something here ? */end of spoiler* To be honest, I don’t really know what to make of it. It’s a stylistically daring Yakuza film but let’s not substitute it for substance. adkjg a;dklfj ;aklsdjf lk;asjd ;fklj al;ksjdf ieja;lksdfj ;aklsjdf;lk askdfj ;kalsjd flkja;slkdfj ;aklsjdf;asdf laksjdf;klj aslkdfj ;laksj d;flkjasdlfjk ;alskjdf; lkjsdf
  45. 3rd August 2008 : An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

    • 200px-AninconvenienttruthEducating people about the ‘inconvenient truth’ surrounding climate change is absolutely pivotal in starting a movement for change and getting people concerned about the dangers and consequences of our actions which is affecting this fragile planet. I think this documentary is effective in doing so as I found its content to be interesting and insightful. Al Gore is also straight forward about his message and provides a lot of visuals. I know this documentary has come under fire for making this into a political issue of self-promotion & fear mongering — which is probably inevitable — but I don’t believe this was the point. After all, climate change is a lot bigger than you and me. People should be scared as these consequences are very much real and for the masses to understand, I can comprehend why perhaps he has simplified this global phenomenon. What would make for a better argument though, would have been to include more opposing theories. This would have been useful !
  46. 26th August 2008 : Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

    • 200px-FerrisdayoffAh Mon Dieu, I just LOVE 80’s movies like these. After watching The Breakfast Club, I knew I wanted to search out all John Hughes’s movies. This one isn’t as good as The Breakfast Club (looks like this is the benchmark 80’s movie) but does have some entertainment value. I think this is what started off Matthew Broderick‘s career. This movie kind of reminds me of an episode in The Simpsons where Bart, Ferris Bueller, tries to skip school for a day and Principal Skinner, like Principal Ed Rooney, plays the hard ass principal  who does not let anything get by him. On a high note, a lot of great quotes and parts from this movie. I just wish I could recall more. asdfljk asdklfj ;aisj e;fij a;klsdj f;klajs;lkfj ;laksjl;fkj ;asjkdf; lkjas;df as;kldfj al;skdfj; laks   aalksj ;laksj;flkjas;lkf jas fsa ;lasjfl;
  47. 30th August 2008 : The Karate Kid (1984)

    • 200px-Karate_kidWax on, wax off !” Some very historical, memorable quotes from Mister Miyagi as well as some mediocre karate moves. But that’s just distraction from the main point of this movie which is if you’ve ever been a bully, you’d better watch out because limp noodle (Daniel Larusso played by Ralph Macchio) might take your girl and kick your ass at the same time. It’s cheesy but a classic and not really a movie you take seriously (at least I didn’t). And is it just me or is limp noodle 13 in this movie ? He just looks so young that when he starts kissing girls, I can’t help but raise a legal question. A;LAKSDFJ ASLDKFJ ASKLDJ F ASDFKL JASDFKLJ AS;KFJ asd alk;sdjf ie f;asli ejf;laksdj fa;ilsen  asidlfjisefm asd;lfk jaskldfj asldkfj a;sldkfj a;skldjf ljklkj alskdjf ;liasn ;dlfkj a;sdilfj aklsdfj ;lakjsd f;lk;alskf  asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf
  48. 2nd October 2008 : Three Colours Blue / Trois couleurs: Bleu (1993)

    • To attempt to improve my comprehension I’ve decided to be active about it and watch french news every morning & any [good] French movies without subtitles. Though, I only made it 10 minutes without any subtitles [THEY MUMBLE i swear ;-X], it was a brilliant movie. Mostly likely I didn’t get anything educational out of it but Krzysztof gave me an insight into the three French concepts of freedom, equality and brotherhood which corresponds to the three colours of the French flag [Revolution] ; blue, white and red. I love how Krzysztof pays so much attention that to details, especially when it comes to expressing one of the most difficult elements to capture on camera: human emotion. Though, at times I was confused about what was happening, watching the extras and Juliette Binoche’s commentary about the film, everything made a lot more sense. A seemingly cold [I get that this is generally why European films are more unpopular with Western culture as well as the fact that there isn’t as much ‘flash’ .. usually X-D], intense, moving film about liberation. Beautifully done.
  49. 3rd October 2008 : Three Colours White / Trzy kolory: Bialy (1994)

    • I’m really enjoying watching Krzysztof Kieslowski’s trilogy [and will later watch the third installment]. I realise it’s not a film for everyone as it is heavy in symbolism but does reward careful and attentive viewers immeasurably. What is interesting is how he incorporates the colours and what it represents [in this case white represents equality] into the film as I also noticed that almost every shot in the movie contains at least one white object. Something else I noticed that was quite interesting to me was how Juliette Binoche makes a cameo appearance near the beginning of this movie. I wasn’t exactly sure it was her at first cause’ I was skeptical about why she would be a main in this sequel [though I do love her : incredibly talented, multi-lingual actress] but nah, it was just one shot. If you can recall from Three Colours Blue the scene where Julie is trying to find her husband’s mistress at court — this perhaps is linked to that which may mean that all three plots of the trilogy are supposed to be simultaneous. Speaking of deja-vu scenes, you also see the same old hunched over lady who is still trying to throw away bottles in a recycle bin. I think it’s quite a sad but hopeful image. Overall impression of the film ? I didn’t think it was as technically stunning as the Three Colours Blue but plot was quite intriguing [much more plot-orientated than the previous] and sometimes even frustrating [this is usually when there is a lack of clarity in the plot or when a character does something that seems .. out of character ! Only after watching the commentaries it seems like one can understand what Krzysztof’s point was — otherwise *left in the dark*. But as you can imagine, this can get tedious]
      NB: This one’s in Polish / French [mostly Polish so really not much educational value in terms of learning to speak French X-D]
  50. 7th October 2008 : Sous le Sable (2000)

    • 200px-Sous_Le_SableNicole recommended this movie. *Ahem: Incredibly boring & never listening to her again X-D*. Nah, apparently the TV guide said it was good, the movie only actually got 7.2 on IMDB. I must say though, it was the intriguing synopsis that encouraged me to watch it: a happily married wife spends her summer vacation in the southwest of France. Her husband goes for a swim in the sea while his wife is sunbathing and never returns, vanishing without a trace. Has he left her ? Committed suicide ? Drowned ? The lack of answers drives her into a delusional state where she still believes her husband is alive. This kind of reminds me of Changeling where the mother never founds out for sure if her son is alive or not so keeps looking for him for the remainder of her life. It’s sad :-/
  51. 9th October 2008 : Three Colours Red / Trois Couleurs : Rouge (1994)

    • 200px-ThreecolorsredBEST ONE. However, blogging about this movie at a later date, I can’t actually recall what happens. Then again, it really isn’t a film that emphasises plot, but one that is more metaphorical than anything else. Like its predecessors, Kieslowski takes the (last) colour of the French flag, red as symbolising fraternity which is the theme. He examines two seemingly completely separate characters, each with their own problems/situation and interests but whose lives somehow become intertwined. asdifu askldfj ;alksjdf; laksjf; lkajs;dklfj a;slijef;liawj;leisjf ;alksdjf; lkja;sldkjf ;laksjdf; ajs a a lkj ;laksjdfl ka  ajs fkjasldfj asdkfj  sa ;lkfjal;skfj asdf a  asjdf;laksdfj a;slkdfj  as fkj a;slkdfj as f asf; sadlfkj a;sldkfj a s aflkasjf ;alskf
  52. 12th October 2008 : Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)

    • I actually really only wanted to watch this movie after I had finished reading the book [but ya know, who knew how long THAT would take ?! X-D] but my sister was so desperate to watch it that I did anyway — we both have an obsession with vampire-related movies & tv shows –> Buffy, Angel, Underworld, Dracula etc. Didn’t really know what to expect, I mean we both expected it to be good [+ Tom Cruise AS A BLONDE ! X-D] but to be honest, even though I had read most of the book I had totally forgotten what had happened ! I think this worked to my advantage. I was totally captivated byh each scene, always wanting to know what was going to happen next, with Louis/Brad Pitt’s bright blue, intense vampire eyes, Tom Cruise’s hilarious portrayal of the crazy Lestat and Kirsten Dunst’s electric performance of Claudia — particularly in the scene where she cuts off her hair. I remember thinking “wow, she’s a TWELVE YEAR OLD ACTOR and yet her performance is *SO SO SO* believable & far above par of typical 12 year old actors”. And in general, I can’t believe what an ensemble they make despite the ‘glitzy’ Hollywood image they carry that almost overshadows their actual acting ability. I loved this movie mainly for two things: 1) they array of tones in the gripping, unpredictable plot ; it made me HIGH, it made me low 2) the good looking vampires — > ANTONIO BANDERAS = HOT AS A VAMPIRE. Now more than ever, I *do* want to read the book.
  53. 12th October 2008 : The Covenant (2006)

    • 200px-The_CovenantWow, this was such a crap movie. Not that I expected otherwise. I guess there are just days where you want to switch off & verbally diarhhea with a friend all over a terrible movie. One of those days, ya know ? Haha. And guessing from the ending there was supposed to be a sequel but it was literally SO CRAP everyone just realised there was no point. Eh, whatever, made me laugh at its ridiculously = priceless.
      NB: Steven Strait (who played Caleb) did a lot better in 10,000 BC (not hard) asdf asdfasdfasdfk jaasdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf ainei sidngvkd slk;dfj al;ksjdf;lk as;kldfj; alskj;flkajsl dfjk;alskdjfl;k  asdf asdfadsf asdf asdfasdf asdf asdf adsf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf
  54. 25th October 2008 : The Valet / La Doublure (2006)

    • 200px-TheValetFrom the look of this cast — this could have been a great movie: Kristen Scott Thomas, Gad Elmaleh (who kind of reminds me of Steve Carell), Virginie Ledoyen, Danny Boon and Daniel Auteuil. It wasn’t great, but not bad either for a romance comedy. Sweet, funny and well-paced like Veber’s other French farces — Le Placard/The Closet and Le Dîner de Cons/The Dinner Game — it was enjoyable to watch. One comment about this movie that made me laugh was a comparison of this film to a crossword puzzle. When it’s over, you’re done with it forever ! a dkfj;aasdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdfd   lskdjf ;laASDadj;ASKLDJ LKJ SLAKDJF ;LASKDJF ;LAKJSDF; LAKSJDF; LKAJSD;FLKJ ASD;LFKJ AS;LDKFJ ;ALSKDJF ;AKLSJDF ;AKSDJF;AKSJDksjd f;lkja;sdklfj ;aklsjdf lkja;  sldkfj ;alksjd f;lkasj dfl;kasdf asdf  asf
  55. 26th October 2008: The Birds (1963)
  • I loved this movie. And for all the wrong reasons — the terrible acting, the plastic-looking birds, the unconvincing script. I mean, yeah we all learnt a lot from Hitchcock but he wasn’t a god.

56. 26th October 2008 : 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

I remember pressing play, staring into a blank screen with classical music playing in the background — thinking there was something wrong with my DVD/TV (one of them !). However, that is how this very eclectic, enigmatic movie commences. Several minutes staring into a black abyss. Then we have a lot of screeching and jumping up & down of gorilla-like creatures and then the quickest jump in time to thousands of years (I assume) into the future with little to no segue (like having a conversation with me !). All in all this movie was oddly interesting at times and utterly boring the next. It’s a movie so quintessential to its time and genre that is it difficult to dismiss, yet in all honesty, it took me three attempts to watch this movie in full + there were A LOT of toilet breaks involved. Watch on a rainy day !  AS;LDKFJASLDKFJA SLDKFJ adslkfj asd;lkfj as;ldkfj alskdjf a;lskjdf ;laskdfj ;alsdkjf ;aslkdfj as;ldkfj ;aslkdjf ;laskdfj; asldkjf alskjdf laksdjf ;laskdjf a;lskdjf a;lsdkfj;asldkfj ;laskdfj a;slkfj ;alsdkjf a;sldkfj

57. 26th October 2008 : Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Unlike Space Odyssey, this film moves a lot quicker, is packed full of action (and like the title suggests lots of big, manly guns), and is chocker-block full of dialogue/cussing. You may also recognise some of the actors in it too who gave very memorable performances ! There’s a large shock-factor associated with this movie that really engaged me. I often think there is that common thread with most war movies. You see the really ugly side of war — uglier than expected. I can’t really describe the greatness of this movie — it’s just one of my favourites ! asd;lfkj as;ldfkj ;alskdjf ;alskdjf; laskjdf ;laksjdf ;laksjdf; alskjdf; laskdjf; alksj dalskdjf ;lskdjf ;laksjdf kajsd; flka  adsfj;laksjdf;laksjdf;laksjdf; laksjdf ;laksdj; flkasjdf; lkasjdf ;lkasdjf; klasdjf ;laskdj f;lakdsjf ;laskjd f;alkdj f;askldjf a;dsfklj a;ldskfj a;klsdj f;alskdjf; alksjdf; alksjdf; lkaj sdf;lk aj;sdlfj a;skldfj; alskdfj;alskdj f;ladskjf ;laskdjf;lka sjdf;lkasjdflkajsdflkj ;asldfkj ;alskdfj ;aslkdfjklsadjf;laksjd f;klasjdf;lkajsd; flkj asd;flkj as;dlfkj as;ldkfj ;alskdfj

58. 26th October 2008 : Blood Diamond (2006)

Let me begin by saying — I LOVE SOUTH AFRICAN ACCENTS ! I wish I could pull it off like Leo DiCaprio but according to the locals, he didn’t really — could’a fooled me (DID fool me !) ! Anyway, interesting though disheartening plot line about the harsh reality of the diamond industry intertwined with South Africa’s violent history. Great choice of actors !

59. 27th October 2008 : Apocalypto (2006)

    • I was quite reluctant to watch this movie, knowing how intense Mel Gibson movies can be, referring to The Passion of the Christ (2004). And I wasn’t actually in the mood for one of these films however I’m so glad I finally watched it. Like my good friend Megan had commented, despite the vagueness of the plotline being about a Mayan kingdom facing its decline and some hero saving the day, it’s actually a very brilliant, touching film. I love how authentic it feels — the language, costuming, landscape. One of my top ten. asdf;lkj as;dlkfja;sldkfj a;sldkjf ;aklsdj f;laskdj f;lkasj d;flkja s;ldkfj ;alsklskjdf;laksjdf ;lkasjdf ;laksjdf;lkajsd f;lkjas;dlfkja;slkdjfa;slkdfja;skldjfa;slkjdf;al skdj f;laskjdf;laksjd;flkjasd;lfkja;lskdjfa;lkdsjf;dlkfj a;slkdjf ;aklsjdf ;lk;jas d;lfkj as;ldkfj a;lskadsf asdf adsf asdf asdf asdf

60. 31st October 2008 : Urban Legend (1998)

The best of the three (though overall a C-grade horror flick). I loved the opening scene. Many lame parts in the movie, some good moments. See or don’t see it. For 30 Second To Mars fans out there, Jared Leto’s in it ! *spoiler* Totally unbelievable that she didn’t die though ! Moral of the movie: Hot chicks are often psychopaths. Beware !

61. 31st October 2008 : Urban Legends : Final Cut (2000)

This was so bad, I don’t even remember what happened. I do recall a couple of recognisable Hollywood actors including Eva Mendes.

62. 1st November 2008 : Urban Legends : Bloody Mary (2005)

I remember reading somewhere that they chose a new director for this movie so it’s got a different angle on urban legends. For some reason they decided to go for a spiritual-ghost sort of direction. Though Mary is quite scary looking, I’m unconvinced that this direction worked. NB. Mary looked like Juno !

63. 2nd November 2008 : Like Water for Chocolate / Como agua para chocolate (1992)

    • Such a beautiful movie and not to mention, Marco Leonardi is STEAMY ! [He reminds me of  Rodrigo Santoro from Love Actually who played the character of Karl — except HOTTER] I haven’t actually read the book which this movie originates from by Laura Esquivel but I have read The Law of Love, which I found quite strange. You can see a parallel though and how she themes her stories around love and its complications.  The only negative thing I could say about this movie [not sure if it’s  further explained the the novel] was that I would have like to see the ending explained further. It kind of ends too abrutly for my liking for example the way the movie all of a sudden jumps several years ahead to 1934. We miss all the in betweens from the fight with Rosaura to the Esperanza’s wedding. Either way, I knew it would be a good movie not only because it’s won so many awards and had rave reviews and the such [though reviews never really deter me from watching a movie !] but my sister studied it for literature for IB. On top of that I love Spanish movies: hot guys with sexy accents, interesting scripts and sympathetic plots >> I want MORE. :-D

64. 4th November 2008 : Serendipity (2001)

So Emma forced me to watch this movie and I was actually strapped to the chair (and boy, did I need to be strapped JKJK !). Seriously, are there any good John Cusack movies ? I mean, I guess the idea of putting your number in a book and leaving it to ‘fate’ to decide if you’re star-crossed lovers is a cute idea, but swayed towards nauseating than anything. I mean ‘Destiny with a sense of humor‘ ?!! Corny and lame. I guess it’s odd – I have a high threshold for grossness but my sappyness meter can only go so high. Oh, the NYC backdrop never gets old ! ads;fklja ds;flkj a;ldskfj a;lskdfj askldjf ;aklsdjf ;alskdjf ;laksjdf ;lakjsd f;lkajds; flkaj ds;lfk j asdlfj ;aslkdfj; alksjf; laksdjf ;laksdjf ;laksjdf ;alskdjf ;lakdsjf ;alskdfj ;asldkfj ;alskdjf ;asd,jf ;asldkfj ;laskdjf; lkasjdf;kj as;dfklja s;dlfkj;asldkfj ;alskdjf ;alskdfj;laskjdf;klajs d;flkasjdasdf as;dflkj a;sdklfj ;alskjdf; askjdf; lakjsdf; lkjasd;flk jas;dlfkj ;asdkfjalskdjf;akjsd;faldskjf; alskjdf ;lakdsjf ;aklsjdf ;laksdjf; laksdjf;alskdjf

65. 5th November 2008 : 10000 BC (2008)

    • 200px-ten_thousand_b_cI can’t help comparing this movie to Apocalypto. It’s very similar in terms of plot; an ancient civilization being ravaged by “demons” who take captive of their fellow hunters, a determined  survivor destined to set them free. But in terms of quality, there’s a big difference. What particularly bothered me about this movie was the fact that it was narrated. The fact that it NEEDS to be narrated IS saying something. It’s as if the audience won’t understand what’s happening unless there’s an alien voice narrating the entire story. It makes the whole thing quite artifial and impersonal, which is why I thought Apocalypto even more powerful. It didn’t need it. The direction, the acting, the lines. That was enough. Not in this movie. I mean, it is entertaining but wouldn’t make “top 50 movies” list. On top of that, two other flaws would be the use of good looking, English-speaking actors to play the characters with their perfectly shaped eyebrows (Evolet played by *googles* Camilla Belle ! WOW she looks so different here. She’s extremely gorgeous in the film with the fake blue eye contacts though !) ! 1) Speaking from a common-sense point of view, they wouldn’t have been any sanitation at that time so no, I don’t think they have time to keep their teeth shiny white & eyebrows perfectly groomed and 2) even making up a foreign sounding language would have been fine ! But English ? Uh-uh. But like I said, entertaining enough. I bought it at JB Hi-Fi today to distract me from study X-D.
      PS. I just realised !!! The main character from The Covenant which I watched last month is the lead in this movie too X-D. No wonder ..  Interesting cast ;-o

66. 7th November 2008 : Match Point (2005)

I didn’t realise this was a Woody Allen movie until I IMDB’ed it.  Mainly cause’ it’s so different from his older works ! I quite liked it and even though I’m not a huge Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Scarlett Johansson fan, they really seemed to work well in this movie. Lots of chemistry, passion, intrigue. Yadda, yadda. A dark but captivating film.

67. 8th November 2008 : The Grudge (2004)

This is really not as scary as everyone made it sound. To be honest, I think it’s because I see a little bit of The Grudge woman in myself when I wake up in the morning. Girls with long black hair covering most of their face just doesn’t do it for me. Happy to see Sarah MG kicking butt again though (except not really).

68. 8th November 2008 : The Prince & Me (2004)

Lame. Unoriginal concept, horrible script and so boring.

69. 10th November 2008 : Babel (2006)

LOVED THIS ! It’s good to see other popular films incorporating different culture and languages into it rather than just english, english, english. Maybe it’s a reflection on how the film industry, particularly in America is evolving. Or maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about. I guess I’m just taking a look at what has been released in main chain cinemas and comparing to what has been released recently. My favourite character in the movie was the Japanese girl who was deaf. I just found her storyline to be so fascinating ! Go watch this if you haven’t !

70. 11th November 2008 : The Astronaut’s Wife (1999)

Creepy, creepy movie. And also disappointing. With Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron.

71. 21st November 2008 : The Dark Knight (2008)

I remember this being good but I’ve only see it once so it’s hard to recall details.. !

72. 21st November 2008 : Wanted (2008)

Alright action movie.

73. 26th November 2008 : Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis (2008)

I first saw this with our french class in Vichy ! Really interesting and funny (I’m sorry these reviews suck, I’m doing a bunch of these all at once >.<). Danny Boon is hilarious. And their accents are so bizarre. I never knew that the people in the north part of France spoke so differently to their Parisian counterparts ! Apparently they’re trying to remake this in Hollywood. I don’t really see how that’ll work but it might be interesting .. !

74. 29th December 2008 : Ne le dis à personne (2006)

    • 200px-Tell_No_One_(2006)I watched this in Angouleme with the Videaus and we all sat around the TV, ate yummy Maxi chocolates mum bought in Paris and had a jolly good time. So surely I would have enjoyed this film even if it had been a crappy one, but it wasn’t. It was exciting, French, and packed full of action to keep the audience hanging onto their seats (what does this mean anyway ?). Interesting twist at the end too.
  • 75. 12th January 2009 : The Dutchess (2008)

    • 210px-The_dutchess_movieA depressive movie. I think I’m sick of seeing Keira Knightley in an Elizabethan costume. It’s more depressive when it’s a true story. Knowing this happened to a real live person just makes everything that little bit more tragic and I know I sound sarcastic, but I’m not (though it’s probably an exaggeration). Watching it, I feel like I would do everything differently to avoid the horrible state she was left in but then again, she did everything without knowing how things would end up. Ah, the advantage of hindsight.
  • 12th January 2009 : Eagle Eye (2008)

  • 12th January 2009 : Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008)
  • 76. 12th January 2009 : City of Ember (2008)

    • Another really bad kids movie that I would never pay to see and would only be bothered seeing it on a 20 hour plane trip.
  • 77. 18th January 2009 : Taken (2008)

    • My mum and pretty much every parent who has seen this and heard about my eurotrip has urged me to see it before I leave. I don’t get it .. is the film supposed to discourage me from travelling  because of the possibility of being kidnapped and sold to some Russian thugs as a prostitute like the naive, dumb, smutty teens in Taken ? I assure you,
  • 78. 18th January 2009 : Hancock (2008)

    • Pretty funny. I like these kind of drunk heros.
  • 79. 19th January 2009 : The Love Guru (2008)

    • Don’t remember. Possible lame ? Especially the title >.<
  • 80. 20th January 2009 : Iron Man (2008)

    • Why do comics turned movie pretty much always suck ? I think perhaps because they’ve been over-dramatised and sensationalised.
  • 81. 24th January 2009 : Kung Fu Panda (2008)

    • Made me hungry. Also pretty good.
  • 82. 25th January 2009 : Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

    • Shia made it a LITTLE bit better, but only just a little.
  • 83. 26th January 2009 : The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008)

    • When I heard the new sequel in The Mummy series would not have Rachel Weiz in it — I knew it just wouldn’t be the same without her ! I did wonder why she turned the role down — Occupied with family life ? Involved in other projects ? Or just plain bad script ? I was thinking it might be the latter but that’s just speculation. But I guess it was all the rage to bring back the oldies along with Indiana Jones and Rambo. Anyway, turns out this one is exactly as I imagined. Really, really lame & bad. AVOID AVOID AVOID. Or for the sake of The Mummy legends, watch it & regret it. asdf ja;lsdkfj a;lksdjf ;lkajs;ldfkj as;lkdfj ;laksj fk;lasj df;klasj dfklaj s;dflkj a;lskdfj lak;sdfj ;laksjd f;lkajsd;flkj a;lsdkfj a;lsdj f;lakjs df;lkajs d;flkjas d;lfk jas;ldkfj a;slkdfj a;slkdfj ;asd,jf ;alskdfj
  • 84. 26th January 2009 : The X Files: I Want to Believe (2008)

    • Never was a follower of this series and after watching this movie, I’m not regretting it !
  • 85. 28th January 2009 : Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)

    • So much better than Twilight. It’s hard to believe the same guy that played the PM in The Queen, played the main werewolf dude !
  • 86. 29th January 2009 : I’ve Loved You So Long / Il y a longtemps que je t’aime (2008)

    • It’s movies like these that make me really respect actors like Kirsten Scott  Thomas (there ain’t many) who’s fluent in both English and French ~ something I inspire to be able to do. She’s a wonderful, versatile actor and plays in a myriad of roles in French ciné and English, to say the least ! And onto the movie. The script is really well written — complex charactres, interesting plotline. I really recommend everyone who’s anyone to watch it ! asdl;fkj as;dflk jas;lfj a;sldkfj a;lskfj ;alskjf ;laksj fk;lasj df;lkaj sd;flkj as;fj ;alskjf asjf ;askfj as;dfj ;alskdjf ;aslkdjf ;askldjf ;askdjf ;alsj f;alskj falskdfj alskdjf alsfj a;sljdf ;askfj a;lskjf ;lasdj ;alsdjf lasdfj a;lskfj a;lskfj ;asldkfj ;asldjf ;asldjf ;laskdjf
  • 87. 29th January 2009 : Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

    • This movie is better than it looks and not as good as it is hyped up to be. It’s still as corny as its synopsis: ‘What does it take to find lost love ? Money, luck, smarts, destiny ?’ But unlike typical Bollywood movies, it is quite westernised in the sense that there is no constant singing and dancing (left till the end, which I felt is quite appropriate). However, I still love how it was directed, trademark Danny Boyle-style (think Trainspotting).
  • 88. 30th January 2009 : Doubt (2008)

    • Such a wonderful movie. Merryl Streep is wonderful as always (except in Mamma Mia) and the story line really makes you think .. !
  • 89. 5th February 2009 : Changeling (2008)

    • An amazing, tragic true story that I think strikes fear into the heart of any sympathetic parent.
  • 90. 8th February 2009 : The Queen (2006)

    • I think I paused this movie more than three times to do something else because the movie was so boring. If the purpose of the movie was not to entertain, I’m not sure what it was supposed to do. Makes us sympathise with the queen ?
  • 91. 8th February 2009 : Jacquou le Croquant (2007)

    • Bad but Gaspard Ulliel’s in it (ssssizzling !). Actually so bad that it’s quite funny ! Especially this one particular dance scene — the intensity ! The passion ! You could feel it ..
  • 92. 9th February 2009 : Placard, Le (2001)

    • All I can remember is that this was funny but unfortunately it has taken me more than a year to review this film so naturally I’ve forgotten what I laughed over :-/
  • 93. 14th February 2009 : The Grudge 2 (2006)

    • 200px-grudge2tease1-2Not scary AT ALL. For real, there was no pillow-action or man-grabbing. I think the source of the problem is The Grudge itself. The Grudge lady doesn’t look remotely horrific. Just a bit too much black eye liner. I could look like her (though I wouldn’t want to ! MAC apparently like this look though). Or maybe this is just a reflection of my desensitivity towards these things. Doesn’t that creep you out ?! X-D It does me ! Otherwise I think it was due to the fact that they never show you HOW the victims die like they do in slasher/gore movies which make them scary/cringy. It’s just like “she’s there” & then suddenly “she’s not there“. *Yawns*. Anyway, after seeing a bunch of really crappy horror movies lately, I’m on the hunt for something new & exciting in this genre. I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t. Especially Westernised films of the genre. :-/ The acting was crap & I didn’t get that feeling of discomfort & chills that I usually get when horror films get it right. No props for the lack of a final girl as well ! :-P
  • 94. 19th February 2009 : He’s Just Not That Into You (2009)

    • Surprisingly not that bad. A few disappointments though such as the pressure of marriage etc. I like the MAC guy !
  • 95. 25th February 2009 : Trainspotting (1996)

    • 300px-trainspotting_ver2Luckily I have the [bad] habit of putting on English subtitles even though I can speak English perfectly, as if I hadn’t, we wouldn’t have understood ANYTHING said in this movie. Seriously, wow, Scottish people have such strong accents X-D It really is like a totally whole different language ! Having heard nothing but good reviews about this movie and nothing else, I didn’t really know what I was getting into. This is quite a bizarre (diving into a toilet full of no. 2), funny (waking up as a 20-something year old realising you’ve just slept with a high school kid >.<), strange/ironic (contrast the beginning & the end of the film) movie that is fortunately not close to home but I nonetheless really enjoyed it. I just found out that it’s directed Danny Boon-style which definitely reflects the familiar Slum Dog Millionaire style of direction. Probably won’t see it again but I reckon it’s one of those films you gotta see. Plus young, twiggy Ewan McGregor is really cute in it too !! Only thing bad that I can think of (not that i’m always looking for BAD things in movies X-D) is that Kevin McKidd didn’t get a bigger role <333333 ~ anyone of you will know him best as his role as Lucius Vorenus in Rome (by far the best TV series I’ve never watched in my LIFE).
  • 96. 25th February 2009 : The Eye (2008)

    • 200px-theeyeposterI screamed quite a lot during this movie, surprisingly. Probably due to Caitland’s habit X-D Anyway, it really wasn’t a scary movie. At most it was just lame. And I was really unconvinced by the role of the rehabilitation doctor. He was just SO unprofessional with some of the stuff he came up with. Though I have to say props for the scene with the dead guy floating towards her. That creeped the HELL outta me !! ;-DD This is what the film should have sustained. More creepiness required !! PS. I heard this movie was based off the Asian version “Gin Gwai”. Seriously, Western countries need to stop ripping other countries’ movies off (especially Asian horror movies since the Hollywood film directors tone it down for their own audience ~~ what’s the point of that ?!!) whilst destroying the original and create some of their own !
  • 97. 26th February 2009 : Equilibrium (2002)

    • Bel & I watched this together and both agree that this was real bad ! Especially Keanu Reeve’s acting >.<
  • 98. 28th February 2009 : Nanking (2007)

    • 200px-nanking_movie_poster1Watching this documentary was absolutely heart-breaking. I mean excluding all the, what I felt, forced performances (in the sense that I felt the actors were trying too hard, when it really wasn’t necessary to try & conjure up authentic emotions considering the horrific circumstances of what happened in Nanking) of Miss Vautrin, John Rabe, John Magee etc, this film really moved me and in many ways shocked and disgusted me. It portrays not only real footage of the Japanese invasion into China but also interviews with the Chinese survivors and Japanese soldiers which really interested me and evoked a lot of thought. Also another thing to mention was that it did not leave out images of the massacre of the 200,000 Nanking civilians, photographs & cases of the SAW-like wounds from the Japanese soldiers’ attacks or any nitty gritty details of first-hand accounts of even the women who were raped and what happened to their bodies after. I think that’s what makes the doc most powerful. But no joke, this film WILL provoke you. It may even make you dislike the Japanese, though that isn’t the point — there is a strong anti-war message throughout. And, understandably.
  • 99. 2nd March 2009 : Fantastic Planet / Planète sauvage, La (1973)

    • This was one bizarre movie. I picked it up because it won an award (which one, I don’t remember >.<). Reminds me a little of Planet of the Apes except with a different species. I know that this will not necessarily appeal to a broad audience.
  • 100. 4th March 2009 : Doomsday (2008)

    • Who doesn’t like a futuristic action thriller ? This one was okay. Very okay.
  • 101. 13th March 2009 : Must Love Dogs (2005)

    • For some reason or other, this film keeps playing on TV ! I’m not actually sure I can name one good John Cusack movie. Can anyone ?
  • 102. 18th March 2009 : Modern Life / Vie moderne, La (2008)

    • I watched this documentary during French Film Festival because I had heard many good things about it (despite the unappealing subject matter — to me at least). It focuses on several generations of farmers and families in contemporary France. This was surprisingly really insightful, thought provoking, and touching with some funny moments in between. I would watch it again if I could find it.
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  1. Eleni permalink
    November 16, 2009 1:47 am

    I can’t believe you didn’t like Enchanted. It’s one of my favourites.
    Apart from that, some really great reviews. I want to see some of them now :)

  2. December 30, 2010 11:03 am

    I loveeeee Changeling! It was so sad, especially because it was a true story :(
    Dang their medical theories back then were whackkkk! :O
    And disturbia was a great movie too! Shia lebouf is a good actor but I can’t take him serious because I used to watch the Disney channel show “Even Stevens” lol

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