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The day it was 5 days till Christmas

December 20, 2011

Christmas isn’t really a big deal in our family. We’ve never had a tree up and the 25th of December has always been spent in PJ’s (and the next few days after .. ). I’m not sure why that is. Maybe because my family isn’t traditionally traditional. And I suppose because my mum reckons that hoarding gift giving till Christmas sends out the wrong message to kids — you should give all year around (particularly to your children who will make sure you live comfortably in retirement :-P) ! True, we don’t get a huge sack of presents like my childhood best friend does every Christmas Eve (they’re European and we always celebrate at their place on the 24th) but I love the atmosphere, food, and just being together with everyone you love. That is what I look forward to the most at this time of year. Oh and did I mention my french mum’s coquis st jacques ! Yum yum yum.

As such I hope you’re all having as festive a season as I ! This month is flying by very quickly filled with Christmas dinners & experimental cooking, surprise 21sts, and gift shopping ! We’re nearly there public holidays :-)

I also crossed of goal #34. My sister had no idea .. so oblivious was she (and still is).

My sister loves hugs & physical affection .. secretly ..

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  1. December 20, 2011 9:58 pm

    I don’t know what that cake / icecream thing is but I want it :) and I’m not sure if bel was more surprised or confused by the party. Very amusing and a fun night :D

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