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The day we bled everywhere & I wasn’t scared at all

September 26, 2011

I had booked the date weeks in advance but finally blood donation day was upon us. “Ready to bleed everywhere ?” Thomas asked. I laughed nervously and smiled baring my million teeth. “Yes” I croaked. Well, I told myself, I can’t be any readier. Truth is, I don’t know why I hadn’t donated blood sooner. I think it was mainly due to my own laziness but also myths of scary, large-arse needles didn’t help either, although I’ve never been scared of jabs. In fact, my parents said that when I was inoculated as a baby, it was the only time I didn’t cry ! Also, according to my dad it’s not such a big deal and I don’t have to “boast” about it ! X-D Haha.. apparently my dad has been a regular whole blood donor for awhile.

So why are you donating blood ?

For various reasons: because I can, because I should, because in Chinese superstition it brings good karma. But the actual answer I gave the lady on the telephone when making the appointment was that a lot of good things have happened to me recently and it’s time I actually made the effort and give back (so basically answers 1), 2) & 3)). The nurse on staff, Judith, did a very good job making me feel at ease as several people commented on how I looked like I was going to bolt it. Well, wasn’t much pain in the end. More like a prolonged pinch. Will definitely do again in future !

It only left a small hole ^^ 

If you’re interested in donating blood, go to the Australian Red Cross website for more info ^.~

This post is related to goal #81.

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  1. Richard permalink
    September 26, 2011 8:12 am

    Gor blimey!
    The bandage makes it appear as if your arm was severed, then re-attached at the elbow. How deceptively dramatic of you.
    Also, I must apologise for our interrupted skype conversation today. Amidst the smoke detector alarm and my flatmate’s frantic screams as a result of being scalded by boiling pasta sauce, I thought the timing might have been a little inconvenient for the both of us, with you hiding under your burka during half of the duration of our conversation.
    Come and visit me! I promise to speak with a heavy Yorkshire accent that I’ve started to pick up already.

  2. September 27, 2011 10:00 am

    You are so lovely donating your blood to the people who need it. I am a strong believer of karma!

    I really like your top btw =)

    Reply: I mix the two YSL shades to match my skintone. Also sometimes I use the lighter shade for highlighting and darker shade for contouring =)

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