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The day my coverlet developed a purple blob in the middle

October 20, 2010

Mostly visuals because some people *coughVANcough* only look at the pictures .. (I am sincerely sorry for not having taken pictures of the food I made [with my own bare hands ;-F] .. we were too busy consuming it !) Preparing this dinner for some dear high school friends (using my birthday as an excuse for coax everyone into coming into the city) really made me miss our lazy cooking days. I really do enjoy making food for people and then watching them (in a creepy predator fashion) eat it. Makes my heart palpitate waiting for the verdict: will they throw up or will they beg for more ???

NB. I know I didn’t invite many people (6 to be precise because 6 is the perfect number for hosting a dinner in my opinion). I am not a politically correct person but I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings if you wanted to be there. Truth is, it was very last minute (I don’t tend to make much fuss over the anniversaries of my coming into existence .. birthdays are just not a big deal to me).  Don’t worry, I am planning many more dinners in the near future because I would love to have you over ;-)

Story behind the title —

I accidentally left the cap lid of my highlighter open while I was not-studying and now there’s this GIANT purple blob on my used-to-be-uni-coloured coverlet ! >.< Shite. I keep spilling ink everywhere which is maybe not so ironic because I collect ink.. and also because I am clumsy. I know, it’s not attractive :-/.

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  1. themickeyness permalink
    October 21, 2010 12:40 pm

    YAY! yea i didnt readdddd but it LOOKS awesome! :)

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