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#14. Participate in Project 365 (52/365)

October 5, 2009

14. Participate in Project 365 ; 1 photo a day for 365 days (52/365)

It’s day light saving ALREADY ?! Crazy .. (but insanely exciting) ! I feel like something wild’s going to happen by the end of this year. Like a new era of craziness. And there’s no explaining why ;-o

September 3rd 2009

Bindi working on a project for uni. I think it was either 2am or 3am when I took this. She’s always up in the wee hours of the morn just like me X-D. In fact, my whole family’s noctural. It’s nearly 1am and my mum is cleaning the house as we speak (or type).


Bread and butter pudding with currants that I made for Lazy Thursday dinner. But it looks a whole lot more like French toast to me, just because I didn’t have any stale bread around (as you do) ! Very delicious ! A hit, I think :-D


September 2nd 2009

Bindi braided my hair. A lot of people I know hate having their hair touched but I actually find it quite relaxing as long as you’re not poking and prodding !


September 1st 2009

My messy messy room. It’s mine now that the ‘rents have their own apartment. And it’s going to get a whole lot messier.


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  1. ames4eva permalink
    October 6, 2009 12:42 am

    love the hair!

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