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#33. See a live play

August 21, 2009

33. See a live play (20th August 2009)


On a whim, I decided to see Pericles the other night. And since I had made the decision on such short notice, I went to see it by myself mainly as:

1)  I haven’t seen a play in a gazillion years (since high school)
2) I love anything Bell Shakespeare
3) The guy (Marcus Graham) on the poster, which I pass every day on my way to uni, intrigued me. Look how inviting he is ^^
4) It’s only playing till 22nd August + you get better seats when you book for one ! X-D

My sister also went solo to watch it the night before me. We actually wanted to see it together but we mixed up the bookings and so we each went alone on consecutive nights X-D Was screwed up really. Anyway, SO GLAD I WENT. It was really AMAZING. The DRUMS just BLEW ME AWAY. Not to mention the gorgeous drummers (very, very, very sizzlingly hot) It definitely wouldn’t have been the same with the awesome Taikos ensemble. Haha. Okay enough about the eye candy. The point is, it was very entertaining.

Having said all that, I do have some criticism. I mean, I still cried because there were some very lovely, touching moments but it was just a little too predictable and lacked complexity for me to call it a masterpiece, unlike Hamlet and 12th Night which are my personal favourites. It seemed that it was neither a comedy or tragedy. More of a mix of the two — happy endings type.  I think it’s  that it’s usually so easy to classify Shakespeare’s plays as one or the other. Also the woman breathing loudly next to me didn’t help ;-x. Some people are really unpleasant to sit next to ! >.<

Overall, a great night. You should definitely go watch it if you decide to go tomorrow ! Last night guys !

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  1. ames4eva permalink
    September 1, 2009 11:22 pm

    where have u been mookxi…???

  2. mookxi permalink*
    September 14, 2009 9:46 pm

    i’m right here stalker ;-b

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