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#14. Participate in Project 365 (24/365)

August 6, 2009

14. Participate in Project 365 ; 1 photo a day for 365 days (24/365)

I know it’s supposed to be ONE photo a day but I took heaps of shots that I liked this past weekend that I couldn’t choose just ONE ! Anyway, it’s more fun for you right ? Cause’ I’m sure most of you just skim the text anyhow X-D.

August 2nd 2009

Today mum, Aunty Cathy, Bindi, Camille et Charles and I went to the city to have yum cha and also cause’ the mum & Aunty Cathy wanted to check out some chrystals/rocks from the Chrystal Universe. But because I had been there heaps of times (and because I thought it would be somewhat uninteresting for the youngings), the four of us went to GPO and around the city in search of ways to amuse ourselves. It’s also because I forgot to show the Frenchies GPO, which I think it’s quite a lovely building.


Notice anything remotely strange about this photo ? Kudos Charles ! ^.~ Taken at the Shu Uemura (aishiteru <333333) counter at “DJ’s” which is the ‘trendy’ way of saying “David Jones”, according to sis.


Unlike most people (which does not include my sister ! haha), this one’s not afraid of the camera X-D What a poser ! Well, all the more fun because I usually don’t ask permission to take photos of people anyway.


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