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#14. Participate in Project 365 (12/365)

July 27, 2009

14. Participate in Project 365 ; 1 photo a day for 365 days (12/365)

July 18th 2009

Each Saturday, dad & I go to Vic Market to buy our vegetables and meat for the week. We’ve been coming here for so long that I recognise most of the shop keepers as well as know my way around here like the back of my hand. I love the atmosphere and the smells (well, not in this particular section — shown in photograph) ! It just all feels very comfortable :-)


July 19th 2009

Caitland, MR & I went to Georges and MR was showing off her freshly manicured fingers. Pretty nice for a former nail bitter like myself. Hoping to stop this habit, I have been wearing gloves pretty much the whole day to stop myself from doing so subconsciously. I say to myself that if I stop, I’ll buy the whole Opi range. :-D


July 20th 2009

Got a *gourmet* pie from Meeting Point. It’s probably better than the regular ones, ya think ?


July 21st 2009

Made some kind of French soup from one of my FAVE recipe books Ripailles (it’s French !). Made around 5L’s of it and consumed it for about 2-3 days (I cook in batches haha). Aunty Cathy & the Frenchies loved it too ! Happy to share the love <333333 Pretty coincedental that the non-disasters occur when it’s just my sis & me and not when I have people over ?


July 22nd 2009

My twin, Bindi, the fashionista. These are her “everyday” uni clothes. @_@


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