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#15. Post everyday for a month (2/30), 2nd attempt

May 31, 2009

15. Post everyday for a month (2/30)

While trying to find Kathy’s birthday photos, I stumbled across some shots taken in France during my stay in Vichy. Nicole & I cooked curry for our host family which was our way of showing Martine, Aurore and their counterparts a little love via our love of food. Ever since Pioneer Woman Loves to Cook, I’ve done a few food/photo journals but haven’t published any yet. This is my first so enjoy !

Start by peeling some potatos and lemon-ing up the chicken. An especially important step for Nicole as she’s an ex-vegetarian and hates the taste of particular meat. This gets rid of the raw-meaty taste.


15. Post everyday for a month (1/30)


Then we put it into the oven for about 30 minutes at 180 degrees celcius (if I can remember correctly).


Anyway, it should come out looking like this >>


Next, in a large pot to cook the curry sauce, stir in some chopped up onions in olive oil under medium heat. And speaking of olive oil, there was an abundance of it chez Boilard as they do not use any oils/fats in cooking ! But it gives the meal a lot of taste :-D


Add some chopped up tomatoes and tomato concentrate. Stir, stir, stir.


One teaspoon of turmeric to the rice to give it that yellow colour.


And now the secret to the curry taste and colour ! .. CURRY POWDER ^^ Put in generous amounts in the sauce & in the rice, if you please. I think spices are so pretty. It is something else that was scarce in the Boilard pantry. I don’t think they use much spices in France. I have the Ripilles (or whatever it’s called) French cook book and I’ve noticed that all of their recipes are pretty much spice-less. Using herbs is a much  more common practice. Well, luckily for me, I like both.


I forgot to mention that we had rice cooking at the same time. This is basmati rice. We’re using the absorption method. There are other ways of cooking rice but this way you can get it *hopefully* to the right texture. Personally, I prefer using my rice cooker X-D


It looks done to me !


Remember the potatoes & the chicken ? Now spoon those into the sauce to immerse it into the curry flavour.


Voila. Unfortunately I was too busy enjoying this meal that I forgot to take photos of the end result. >.< It was extremely good, though the bottom got a little burnt X-D Everyone seemed to love it & we finished it very quickly !


Ooh, before I forget. Dominique was helping Martine with an apple pie. I also didn’t take photos of the pie in its bake form >.<


I forget the exact ingredients that went into making this since I wasn’t paying attention. But from looking at the pictures, I’m pretty sure it was pastryof some kind, slices of apple, apple/fruity purée and milky.. cream X-D.


Conclusion ? I actually took heaps more photos than this but due to the contraints of time and the need to start studying I’ve chosen a select few photos for you to oogle at.

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