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#15. Post everyday for a month (2/30)

May 26, 2009

15. Post everyday for a month (2/30)

I know I’ve said this before but I think it’s funny how you only get to know people just as they’re about to leave your life forever. OK, so I don’t mean to sound dramatic.

Since first year at Monash Uni, I’ve studied French since level 5 (I’m level 9 now; how ? I have no eye deer). I’ve seen the classes shrink each semester from 300 to 200 to 150 to 80 and finally to 40; fallen asleep during the sleepy hours of 2-4pm tutorials; & learnt about many things that I will most likely forget about in culture lectures. X-D That all said, I do love it. And I suppose I can understand it too. Languages are subjects you have to persevere with, practise daily and love. Otherwise passing is hopeless. I haven’t done too badly despite my averages falling from D’s to C’s >.< but well, that’s life ! Either that or it’s my laziess X-D.

Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is that over the three years doing French studies, it’s still amazing that hardly any of us know each other. You’d think after being the in same units for three years we’d be a tight knit group with everyone know everyone else’s names but nope !  We still find ourselves wondering who our partners are when Marc pairs us up to do our orals. << Uhhhh.. who’s Mookxi ??! >> *Awkward* roflmao ! It was nice, however, getting to know some people during these years. I’ve “made friends” (I’ve always thought that particular phrase sounds a little artificial), and I’d like to say enemies & lovers since that seems to flow well in a sentence but no .. [X-D] I have really enjoyed it.

Now s’more pictures ? Cause’ I know you’re getting bored with my unoriginal opinions/commentary.


I know, with all these pictures of my feet, you’ll think I’m a narcissist. Well.. can’t argue with that ! JOKING. I don’t know where the need for taking this picture came from. But here ya go.


Love like a sunset. The cold winter shouldn’t impede you from getting out there & seeing the world ! It doesn’t for me — I’ll even snowboard without waterproof clothes X-D (It’s true, I am an idiot but come on, as if you’d pass up a chance to skii in the Pyranees ?!!).

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