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#15. Post everyday for a month

May 25, 2009

15. Post everyday for a month (1/30)

Yay blogging. I actually have nothing interesting to say BUT last night when I was supposed to be studying, I wasn’t.. I was fooling around with my beloved photoshop <3 Share share ? Maybe I’ll just post a photo everyday along with the story that accompanies it. Haha, how lazy am AYE ?! >.<

Well, this photo was taken by my mum earlier this year @ the station “Invalides” X-D After days of walking all around Paris for hours on end, we discovered the metro ! We’re so slow ;-x It was actually really awesome walking around though, often getting lost. But even in those moments where we’d have to pull out a map, it was like an adventure. And sometimes you get to see things you wouldn’t have otherwise using the underground transportation system.


Versailles too was awesome ! I’ve been there before, never in summer, but I’m always in awe of the architectural decadence over there @_@ Compare the palaces in France to those we saw in Korea. There’s really no comparison. French palatial/recoco [did I spell that righ t?] architecture seems to be a lot more “showy” — gold decorations, marble hallways etc.


And yeah, it was absolutely freezing. I think I was underdressed. Grrr.argg !


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