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#91. Run/jog/walk a marathon for a good cause

July 23, 2008
Community/Altruistic activities

91. Run/jog/walk a marathon for a good cause (30th March 2008)

Wow I’ve been so lazy with blogging lately. NOT good. However I still am keeping track of my 101 things. I just don’t blog about them. ;-x

Anyway, I completed this marathon ages ago. It was Run For The Kids.

Let me tell you it was a MEMORABLE first experience running in a marathon. A few things I *WILL* be doing next time [yes, i’m contemplating running another 12km next year, aren’t i crazy ? X-D]

  • Resting the day before the marathon instead of running 7km’s & tiring my body out
  • Getting a friend to jog with you who jogs roughly the same speed as you [any faster and you’ll push your body over the limit, any slower and you won’t be challenging yourself !]
  • Finding a pair of proper running shoes [best to trial out runners when training ! I didn’t do any/much training so I ended up with swollen feet & had to be on crutches the next day ! >.< STUPID me !!] for the type of ground you’ll be running on > aka TENNIS shoes aren’t necessarily appropriate for running on hard concrete !
  • Start training at least two months before otherwise BOY are you in for a surprise .. ! + You’ll perform better
  • Jog to music with beats, it’ll keep you running at a steady pace [that is, if you’re used to running with music otherwise no music is fine. It’s just that it helps me get pumped !]

I feel like I’m supposed to type ‘HAVE FUN‘ at the end to conclude my post, just because it’s cliché & such :-P Let me know if you have any more tips or if you want to share your marathon experiences. I think I did 12km’s just over 1 hour. Not that great, but for a first timer I don’t think it’s that bad either ? :-D

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  1. July 25, 2008 10:07 am

    That is a pretty good effort, I don’t think I could ever run that far!

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